Casper retractable window screens are 100% insect proof. The screens appear to be part of your window frame where they blend beautifully into the existing framework. With multiple colors to choose from and a powder coated finish for additional protection, Casper’s rounded and smooth housings are the most attractive on the market! Retractable window screens from Casper Disappearing Screens are the most technically advanced, versatile retractable window screens on the market. Our retractable screens are custom made to fit any window in your house.

Casper screens work on pass thru, push & wind-out windows.

Product Support

We have compiled a gallery of How-to videos and Product Specification information that can be downloaded directly from our website. You can contact us by telephone or email with any questions regarding pricing, available options, DIY kits and .

Highly rated & industry leading warranty

If our reviews don’t convince you, we are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to provide homeowners additional peace of mind. Our retractable screen doors are made with the highest quality material and are built in the USA to last. Unlike our competition, who only offer a “limited” warranty, Casper Disappearing Retractable Screens are backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY on the frame parts and a three-year warranty on the screen mesh. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!

Not only do Casper Disappearing Window Screens provide a perfectly clear view through windows when not in use, but our retractable window screens also stay very clean due to the protection of their housing during various weather conditions. Our custom screen housing extends the life of the screen by protecting them when not in use. Many homeowners also use our screens to allow passage of items through a window; for example, food passed through a kitchen window to an outdoor barbecue.

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We can install the SAME DAY!

Our doors are mounted inside the framework of the door to maintain the beauty and look of your existing doors and are designed to be used with both in-swing and out-swing doors.  At Casper Screens we have harnessed the use of natural ventilation to help cool your home by allowing for the maximum amount of fresh air to enter the home while simultaneously removing the stagnant, warm air. Casper retractable screen doors retract and contract in a smooth, fluid motion with our smart and functional design. When not in use, Casper Screen doors retract back into their housing and are out of sight until you wish to utilize them again. With years of feedback from our customers, installation field technicians and research of other DIY doors on the market, the design team at Casper Screens has developed a retractable screen door with the DIY homeowner in mind. The installation process was designed to make it quick and easy for homeowners to measure and install our retractable screen doors. There is no cutting required and homeowners need only a power drill to complete the installation process in 30 minutes.

  • Install within 30 minutes with only a power drill
  • All retractable screens are custom cut to your measurements
  • Full length rubberized magnetic strip that will not rust while providing a superior and tighter seal than other retractable screen magnets.
  • Standard Single Doors can be mounted on openings up to 100” tall and 48” wide. Oversized Single Doors can be mounted on larger openings measuring 100” tall and 60” wide
  • Standard Double Doors can be mounted on openings up to 100” tall and 80” wide. Oversized Single Doors can be mounted on larger openings measuring 100” tall and 100” wide
  • Lifetime Warranty on all the frame parts and components; three (3) year Limited Warranty on the screen mesh

Pick your perfect color

Casper Disappearing retractable screen doors appear to be part of your door frame with our rounded and smooth frame housings that blend beautifully into the existing framework. We offer a variety of retractable screen door frame color options to ensure our screens are part of your home.

The frame housings come in a variety of five (5) popular powder-coated finish colors.

Threshold transition kits

Each Casper Screen comes with a standard black Bottom Track. Contact customer service at 877-745-5525 if a color other than black is desired for the Bottom Track (additional charge may apply). The standard Threshold Transition Kit is available in Black. White available via Special Order.